What is a Barndominium?

Have you been putting off building your country dream home because don’t know where to start.  First, we recommend building a barn with living quarters called a barndominium. What is a barndominium you say? A barndominium is typically a barn that combines a barn and living area.?A barndominium or sometimes called barndo for short is a flexible building that can be used in several ways. Now you can visit your land in comfort.

At Texas Country Charmers we can build the perfect barn with the storage you need including a comfortable living area. Building a pole barn with living quarters will let you enjoy your land while you plan your own private dude ranch.

We would like to share with you our best advice on some things to consider before you build.  Proper research on the front end of your project can give you the structure that will best meet your needs.

If a building permit is required, here are some tips that may streamline the permitting process…

  • Give them your physical address and approximate square footage of the building.
  • Tell them how you intend to use the building, bearing in mind that “storage building” or “barn’ is typically the easiest method to get a permit.
  • Once you make it a dwelling or a living space, the building code requirements are stricter, more complicated.
  • A garage or pole barn is safe because it’s universally understood as storage by your zoning permit office.

Wood Post & Beam Pole Barns

Wood barns are strong and long lasting and adaptable for many different uses.  A concrete foundation can be added later. Wood barns are simple to frame and easy add interior walls, shelves, and beamed ceilings etc.  Fast construction times reduce labor costs. Wood barns are safer for animals.  A wood barn can be left natural or stained different colors.  A wood barn adds more value to your property than any type building according to American Horse.  Many folks think that wood barns look better with age and more majestic.