Welcome to our beautiful world of country lifestyles!

We are a design and build construction company specializing in building country homes, classic wood barns and barndominiums.  We love all things country and our passion is helping land owners create a beautiful Texas lifestyle.

Texas Country Charmers is different than other barndominium builders.  We build the shell ONLY.  Our personalized building system allows land owners like yourself the opportunity to save thousands and take an active role in the construction of their project.  We do the hard part and build the exterior shell using large wood timbers that looks majestic and rich. You finish the inside by using the local sub-contractors and save money. You can complete the project your way and on your time schedule. DIY and save BIG!

If your wanting to save $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000 and make a beautiful change to your land, Texas Country Charmers is the barndominium builder for you. Make the right call 512-484-0656

Our Shell home prices start at only $119 per. sq. ft. for everything under roof.   Example… An 1800 sq. ft. shell home or barndominium is around $214,000.  Prices will very according to difficulty of architecture and materials.  Call for more information 

From building a luxurious shell home. a barndominium with timber beam ceilings, to a pole barn with living quarters we can build what you want.  Let us put our experience to work for you and help you achieve your country dream.

Our building system allows land owners the opportunity to finish the inside and save 35% or more. Use the money you save to add a barn, or buy a new pickup.

We build the shell only.
Prices start at $119 Per. Sq. Ft. for everything under roof.

 If you want a shell price we will quote everything on the exterior without painting. Shell pricing includes foundation, framing, siding, windows and doors, and shingle roofing.  

If you own land, you have the blessed opportunity to create something beautiful.  You only have one shot at doing it right the first time. Lets plan something that you will love.  

Call 512-484-0656 for more information

For the plan for this home (the Finn) and dozens of others, you can check out our parent site, Edwin Homes.com

For more information on custom all wood horse barns, visit our sister company BarnsAcrossTexas.com.   Compare their classic timber beam barns to metal barns before you build. 

Because of their majestic beauty the classic wood barn is making an extraordinary comeback on Texas ranches and farms.

Our all wood horse barns provide safety and comfort for your animals. Nothing adds more beauty and value to your property than a classic wood barn. 

If you want a complete show barn with custom stalls, tack room, or a barn with living quarters you have come to the right place. Visit our sister company Barns Across Texas for the right barn for your lifestyle. 

EXAMPLE:  The total footprint of this 36’x48′  horse barn includes: concrete and wood floor foundation, 12’x24′ tack room with wood floor, two 12′ x 12′ custom horse stalls, with  double swing doors,  12′ x 48′ loft with with hay door and stairs, 12’x12′ enclosed feed room with wood floor, two 9’x10′ double sliding barn doors front and back and a 12’x48 loafing sheds and stand seam metal roof.   ONLY $135 per s.f. including labor and material installed on your land.

Country homes never go out of style.

EXAMPLE:  The ‘BLOCK HOUSE’;   This 3 bedroom 2 bath one  story with 1800 S.F. of living space plus 300 S.F. of porches on pier and beam foundation shell home was built in Leander, Texas.  This charmer will give your land a wonderful country look and feel.  

If you own land in Texas, we can help you build your own King Ranch but just a little smaller.

Lets make a master plan of your property and beautify your land to its maximum potential with a country look.  Call 512-484-0656 and get started.

The beauty of wood!

Bring the warmth of wood beam ceilings to your new home or barndominium.  We offer several post and beam designs that will add value and beauty to your building. 

 Our timber beams and king trusses are beautiful structures and are built using the highest quality full dimension yellow pine and Douglas fir beams. They are rustic and just plain gorgeous to look at.  Nothing will add more value to your ranch or farm than a beautiful all wood barn or barndominium. 

 Metal just can’t compete with the beauty of our all wood barns and barndominiums. 

Don’t settle for metal when you can have what you really want.  Make the right call, 512-484-0656.

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