Our Shell Home Building Process

How to get started building your country dream?

As easy as 1.2.3.

Step 1: Research

Call us… We may be “Old Fashioned” but we still enjoy talking to our customers on the phone! Give us a Call. During our phone conversation we can give you some free advice on what sizes and options would be best for what you have in mind.  We can answer your questions like, when your shell home or barndominium can be started and how long will it take to complete.

During our consultation we will ask you things like:

  • Where is your property?
  • Is the site level?
  • Have you selected a plan?
  • How much room do you need?
  • What additional options do you want?
  • When would you like your home completed?
  • What is your budget?
  • Cash or financing?

After we determine the scope of your project we can start giving you some ballpark figures.

Step 2: Get on Schedule

Once you have decided on the plan and feel confident with Texas Country Charmers as your builder, we will do a zoom call or you can come by our office to finalize the remaining details. At that time we will prepare a contract.  A small deposit will be required to begin the process and put you on schedule.  As part of our meeting, you will be introduced to our staff and your project manager. 

Step 3: Getting Started

Now it’s time for your project manager to set up an appointment with you at the job-site.  Together you will stake out the location of the project and finalize any last minute details.  Your project manager will confirm the approved access for our equipment to travel, call for under-ground utility locations, post any building permits, and arrange for a layout inspection if required.

Within a few weeks, the building materials, will be delivered to the job-site and we will take care of last minute particulars to ensure the job is built in a timely manner. 

Next, our crews will roll in and begin work. Your project manager will over see the building process from start to completion.  You are on your way to building your new home or barndominium and many years of enjoyment to you and yours!