Country Style Shell Homes

We are a premier shell home builder in Texas.

What We Do…

We do the heavy lifting to get your home started.

What’s included in the shell? We’ll do the foundation, all framing, siding, windows, doors, exterior trim, roofing with materials and labor included. Shell pricing starts at $119 per SF for everything under roof. 

With a little  planning on your part and a can-do spirit, you can contract with the local ‘subs’ to complete the interior and save thousands by doing so. “It’s not as hard as it sounds.”  You can build it your way and on your time schedule.  You will have complete control of your money and the satisfaction of knowing that you built it your way. 

M-981 “The Farmers Daughter” – $119/sf

 1 Beds     |  2 Baths     |     2 Floor     |   981 sq. ft. A/C

Downright adorable, this plan takes a small footprint and makes a perfect little cottage out of it. Cozy as anything, this plan has a surprising amount of flexibility, and works perfect for a getaway.

MF-986 “The Wittenburg” – $119/sf*

 2 Beds     |  2 Baths     |     1 Floor     |   986 sq. ft. A/C

One of our recent favorites from an excellent designer, this plan has many different opportunities, and all for a relatively small footprint too. Perfect for those interested in a cozy country home.

430-200 “The Wyatt” – $119/sf*

 3 Beds     |  2 Baths     |     1 Floor     |   1398 sq. ft. A/C

A Popular Classic design with plenty of space and a lovely roof design, you can feel the country on this one. A nice set of front and back porches gives plenty of space to relax outside, too!

430-200 “The Lovet” – $119/sf*

 3 Beds     |  2.5 Baths     |     1 Floor     |   1599 sq. ft. A/C

We’re so sure you’re going to love it that we named this one with it in mind. A great mix of living and relaxation space, this plan is perfect for those that love a good home with plenty of space.

“The Bastrop” – $99/sf*

 3 Beds     |  2.5 Baths     |     2 Floors     |   1394 sq. ft. A/C

“The Lockhart” – $109/sf*

3 Beds    |  2 Baths    |   1 Floors    |   2 Garages   |   1900 sq. ft. A/C, 2989 sq. ft. under roof 

“The Manchaca” – $99/sf*

3 Beds     |  2 Baths     |     1 Floors     |    1277 sq. ft.   A/C, 1461 sq. ft.  under roof    

The Manchaca

“The Country Gent” – $129/sf*

3 Beds | 2.5  Baths | 1 Floor | 2589 sq. ft. A/C, 4067 sq. ft. under roof.

The Country Gent

Our shell homes offer buyers the opportunity to save thousands by finishing the interior themselves.  It’s not as hard as it sounds. We understand your hesitancy to be your own contractor, especially if you have no experience in construction.  However, BIG savings can be yours with a little planning on your end.  You can do it, and it will be something you can take pride in.  Call 512-484-0656 for a Free consultation.

* These prices are starting points, in the ideal case. We will do our best to stay close, but our goal is to make your ideal home, not just a cheap home!

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