Beautiful Post and Beam Barns Starting at Only $99 per sq. ft.

Our Monitor Style Post and Beam Barns

Also Called the RCA (Raised Center Aisle). This distinctive design is incredibly popular for its majestic look and flexibility.

Often a favorite for its option to have a loft or storage area in the top section, this sort of barn can easily host parties, store equipment, and protect your horses. Want a barn with living space? Just a stairway up! The beauty of the interior can shine with the post and beam barns allowing for spans.

Our Gable Style Post and Beam Barns

Also Called the A- Frame Barn, these barns are perhaps the most iconic barn shaped barns in the modern age.

With large open shapes, these classic old barns are have quite a bit of space for their footprint, allowing for great use as shops, storage, and livestock protection. Plenty of space up top, leaving options for lofts or party rooms. The strength of post and beam barns is the flexibility of strong beams to support the structure.

Our Gambrel Style Post and Beam Barns

Sporting strong roof shapes and the beauty of old world charm, Gambrels are some of the most classic barns you can think of across American and European countrysides.

Known for their angled double-pitched roofs, exceptional flexibility and space are a highlight for the Gambrel. It’s a very charming design for a barn, and its simplicity means it can be built well.

A classic gambrel horse barn has the look of yesteryear. Nothing adds more value and beauty than a wood barn. Built in Florence Texas.

Our barns offer buyers the opportunity to save thousands on flimsy metal barns, or weaker stickbuilt barns. We build luxury at a quality price, and are proud of each and every barn we’ve built. If you want to see the value of a barn on a property, call 512-484-0656 for a Free consultation or to see our own working barn!

* These prices are starting points, in the ideal case. We will do our best to stay close, but our goal is to make your ideal barn, not just a cheap barn!

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