Urban Escape

Life could be a dream come true when you leave the cities…

The hustle and bustle of the big city is a wonderful thing, and for many people it can be the only way they see life. If you’re here, though, I can be sure that you’re growing less enchanted with the constant motion and chaos that can come from the glass and steel boxes of the urban landscape. It’s true that a break to the countryside can be a welcome escape, but what if it didn’t have to end? It’s growing to be more expensive to live near the cities every month it feels, and the excitement fades as the reality of urban expansion comes to your doorstep.

Here at Texas Country Charmers, we see a better option, and would like to paint a new picture for you to imagine: Grassy green hills, and old trees to climb. You’ve no doubt read books, or seen old movies that proport to be the answer to modern living. It’s the way things are going, more than ever before.